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Ever Since I Left The City, You

If you have ever been my roommate in hotel, dorm or apartment since 2015, you will already know this: my morning alarm is “Hotline Bling” by Drake. At first, the song choice used to be an inside joke with myself. … Continue reading

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Three Sips and You’re Welcome

I. On many moments of the Negev trip, we found ourselves in the same set-up. The nearly fifty of us would sit on floor pillows, elbow-to-elbow, knee-to-knee and accept extra sugary black tea and bitter Bedouin coffee. We made the … Continue reading

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The Center, The Center, The Center

Mercaz means center, in both Hebrew and Arabic. Four years or an eternity ago, I delighted in my one college semester of Arabic granting me access to a third alphabet while on Birthright. My fellow Arabic-taking-friend Alyssa and I pronounced … Continue reading

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In the Wilderness, My Arabic is Weak

Here’s a question for you. “How can you tell what the best compromise is? The answer: when no one is happy.” Picture this: it is the Friday morning before my First Shabbat in Israel For The Right Reasons. I’m sitting … Continue reading

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On a Non-Rural Ancestry

What I loved most about my grandpa was his appetite for reading. Although Grandpa predictably slathered all of his main meals in a hefty dose of Heinz ketchup, a Nassau County Library card was the only proper thing that could … Continue reading

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Back in Jakarta, our group attended a two-day flooding workshop, a joint effort between researchers at Northeastern and Tarumanagara University (UNTAR). At the workshop, the 35 of us spent the day in a conference room learning from a wide swath … Continue reading

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Smells Like Pink Sugar

The running (pun intended) joke of my first trip to India was one of our group member’s morning outdoor barefoot jogs. While some of us headed to the hotel gyms, this unnamed participant dazzled us with stories of sprints-sans-shoes. Westerners … Continue reading

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