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Three Sips and You’re Welcome

I. On many moments of the Negev trip, we found ourselves in the same set-up. The nearly fifty of us would sit on floor pillows, elbow-to-elbow, knee-to-knee and accept extra sugary black tea and bitter Bedouin coffee. We made the … Continue reading

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Always Pack Extra Tums and Other Things I Know

For four summers, I have developed a sort-of ritual. I bake in the Arizona sun for a couple of weeks, scour my medicine cabinet for sunscreen or Tums, and pray for my visa to arrive on time. My post-spring semester … Continue reading

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Good Luck Charms

Twenty four hours before flight 0421 leaves Boston for Mumbai, I raced around my house searching for a good luck charm. My bedroom floor, already a tornado of sunscreen bottles and flowy pants, became even more hazardous as I searched through its very last uncharted … Continue reading

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