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Long Hugs and New Friends

In India, I hear more. When you strip away the constant noise of needless newsfeeds and buzzing text notifications, you aren’t left with silence. Instead, there are the sounds of birds in the morning, of rickshaws honking meters away, plates … Continue reading

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Why Swimming Pools Are a Human Right

The Ganges River is seeped in holiness, tradition and pollution. Each year, millions of Hindu pilgrims travel to its riverbanks to bathe in its holy water and cremate their dead. I have a memory from last summer of floating in a … Continue reading

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People are Flowers and Master’s Degrees are Stars

Two summers ago, while sitting in a hot, unair-conditioned room in IIT-Bombay I finally got it . There, I learned about the CTARA institute, an advanced degree program for developing rural alternative technologies. I captured a lesson that I carry with … Continue reading

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Train (of) Thoughts

On the train from Deradhun to Delhi, there’s ample leg room, airplane-style food and time. No wi-fi here, but hours to write, which is something. After Bangalore, we flew to Kerala and went to the last places I was familiar … Continue reading

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Bags Packed

Leaving for India the second time around feels more casual than it did the first. In some ways, things are easier. Apparently, the leftover heavy-duty insect repellant, the electricity adapters and the packets of powdered electrolytes spent the entire year in my closet waiting … Continue reading

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Knish in Colaba, Tomatoes in Monkey

It’s been a while since I last wrote, and so much has happened. I’ll set the scene for you: I’m on the bus in Colaba driving away from the Fariyas Hotel. We’re heading to our next destination, the Indian Institute … Continue reading

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